Apparel Decoration Services

Each decoration service for your custom apparel or promotional item comes with pros, cons or limitations. Here we outline information to assist you in making the best choice.

Is screen printing or embroidery cheaper?

The answer depends on the complexity of the logo and the quantity of garments. In general, embroidery is cheaper for pocket size logos, particularly for smaller quantities (less than 100 garments) and for logos that have several colors. Screen printing large designs and logos that contain fewer colors is cheaper.


Silk Screen

Silk screen printing, is the most cost-effective method for large quantity print runs (around 50+ items) and works especially well with items like t-shirts and tanks. A complex design with many different colors requires different stencils for each color, so this decoration method is best for logos with 4 colors or less. Screen printed designs also require digitizing. Every color is separated into its own layer. A stencil is created and then is used to apply layers of ink directly onto a product. The result is the screen's image transferred to the print surface.

PROS: Most cost effective decoration method for larger custom apparel orders.

CONS: The necessity to create screens means screen printing is not ideal for smaller order sizes or individually personalized items. Prices increase on orders with a high number of colors.

Your logo first needs to be "digitized". We map out the design in software for an embroidery machine to read.  From there, the appropriate thread colors are chosen, a sample stitch out is run, and once approved, your order is put on embroidery machines that read the final digitized file and embroider your logo to its exact specifications. Monograms and one offs are very affordable.

PROS: There is added texture to the design. One design can have up to 16 colors. Embroidery is very cost effective on small orders. There are no quantity limitations.

CONS: Busy designs may not fit into a chest logo. Large back piece designs that take a long time to sew out can get expensive since costs are based on the amount of stitches needed to make the design.

One color-One print location screen print design

6 color embroidery design with blending

Heat Transfer

The digital heat seal decoration method utilizes regulated heat and pressure to thermally bond graphics onto a material’s surface. is a great decoration choice if you are looking for affordable design options with unlimited colors. With decoration methods like embroidery and screen printing, you are using physical resources - thread and ink - to create a logo. This cost can be avoided with heat transfer. Transfer types including screen printed, full color, water-based, or rhinestones transfers.

PROS: Minimal setup costs and equipment make heat transfers ideal for smaller order sizes. Affordable individually personalized decoration, such as sports uniform. Heat transfer is available in many different finishes and styles.

CONS: An image does not last as long as some other decoration methods and the printed area is not as breathable as other methods. Unable to use an iron on the printed area of the garment. Should not be done on certain synthetic materials that can’t be exposed to the high heat from the iron.

12 color vinyl heat transfer

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